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  1. Can I change my plates?

    The combination is yours for life, but plates can be redesigned for a small fee. Don’t be afraid to chose a a design, you can always change the colour or background later! Plates can also be transferred to immediate family members for free

  2. Payment Options

    Plates can be purchased by credit card or with cash/cheque. PPQ also offer convenient LayBy option with flexible terms of up to seven months. Initiate a LayBy online with a credit card by simply selecting Layby as your payment option. A minimum deposit is required.

  3. Can I buy these personalised plates as a gift?

    Yes, simply check the 'Gift' check box in the ownership details section. If it is a gift, you can buy the plates in your name and transfer the plate ownership for free, once you have gifted the plates.

  4. Are there any annual fees or hidden costs, or is it a once-off cost?

    Personalised plates incur no annual fees or hidden costs. In some other states of Australia plates can attract an annual fee, but in Queensland once you have purchased your personalised plates, that unique combination is yours forever.

  5. What's a CRN?

    It is Customer Reference Number or your Queensland Drivers License Number.

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